The script of A Bump In the Road is now available royalty-free for use by schools and community organizations.

Guidelines for Usage:

We welcome you to adjust the dialogue of the script when necessary, however we ask that you preserve the authenticity of the piece.

For example:

  • Statistics may need to be updated and or modified to fit with your school or area population.
  • Personal stories of students and educators may be included when deemed appropriate.

Additional Guidelines:

  • The printed program must include the following copy:

“Written by Ben Baldwin, Erin Bierbrauer, Chelsea Brown, Justine Cobler, Jessica Dalton, Sarah Hopkins, Karl Houser, Nick Miller, Becki Murabito, Michelle Peacock, Celeste Pille, and James Ross.”

“Written and originally performed by the 2005-2006 Play Production Class
of Papillion-La Vista South High School.”

  • All images and sound enhancements provided are strictly recommendations. Copywrited material must be obtained separately.