Why is this play important?
Mental illness is a major public health concern and one that affects our youth. It’s a disease that crosses all ages and socio-economic barriers but, due to stigma, is not often talked about.

Important facts related to mental illness and young people:

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death in Nebraska for young people
    ages 8 – 24
  • 20% of U.S. youth suffer from a mental illness, including depression
    (over 23,000 in Nebraska)
  • Two-thirds are not getting the help they need
  • One out of five children in Nebraska are affected by mental health
    problems – either their own or that of their parents.

The goal of A Bump In the Road is to:

  • Educate high school-aged students about the various forms of mental illness.
  • Communicate the symptoms and signs.
  • Help students learn to cope with their own illness and that of others.
  • Foster a sense of understanding and compassion.
  • Provide information on resources available in their community.

Is there a cost to the school / presenting organization for the production?
The script of A Bump In the Road is available to schools and community organizations royalty-free, meaning there is no cost associated with its use.

However, as is the case with most all theatrical productions, schools/presenting organizations will be responsible for all production elements associated with the performance, including costumes, props, set, lighting, etc.

Resource materials including digital versions of presentations, sample programs, and scripts are available at no cost and can be found in the "Educational Tools" section.

What is the performance length?
A Bump In the Road is approximately 35 minutes in length.

We encourage presenting organizations to incorporate a question and answer period following the performance, to include school counselors or other experts in the mental health field.

What is the size of the cast?
The play is written for 23 characters. However, depending on how it is staged, the opportunity exists for actors to portray multiple roles, if necessary. So, there is some flexibility in how many performers are included in the production.

Do I need to apply for use of the script even though it’s royalty free?
If your school or organization is interested in producing A Bump In the Road, please contact The Kim Foundation at (402) 891-6911 or [email protected].

Although the script is available royalty-free, we will be tracking its use and the impact of the performance across the state.

Who should I contact with questions about the play itself and how it was presented originally?

Please Contact:
Jeff Nienhueser
Director of Theatre
Papillion-La Vista South High School
10799 Highway 370
Papillion, Nebraska 68046
(402) 829-4600

Or, email:
[email protected]